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„Our guideline is good quality and satisfied customers!“

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The HKM - Story

HKM wurde 1999 von Senior Chef Wolfgang Meindl († 07. Juli 2021) gegründet, der über 40 Jahre in der Entwicklung und Produktion von Akustikprodukten zuhause war. Seit 2010 arbeitet Sohn Sebastian im Unternehmen mit, absolvierte parallel sein Studium und so übergab Wolfgang Meindl ihm im Januar 2016 die Geschäftsführung. Seitdem entwickelt er die HandelsKontorMeindl GmbH kontinuierlich weiter.

The development of loudspeakers of all kinds, production control and parts procurement, as well as production at competitive and state-of-the-art production facilities is a line of business for the company.

Im Auftrag und nach Vorgabe unserer Kunden entwickeln wir Soundkonzepte für den Konsumer- und Industriebereich, marktgerecht und mit optimal aufeinander abgestimmten HKM-Lautsprecherchassis. Seit Ende 2021 haben wir zusätzlich einige besondere Lampen für den Endkunden aber auch Großhändler im Sortiment.

Also we are proud to be a certificated enterprise. Every employee do his or her best to be ISO 9001 - certificated and also the modern equipment - Hard- and Software - guarantees innovation, highest quality and individuality for the costumers of HKM.

„Our guideline is good quality and satisfied customers!“

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We don't produce just any loudspeakers, but products of the highest quality and great attention to detail. That's why we mainly have customer-specific solutions - we develop and produce the right chassis for every customer. The base for this are intensive and long-term partnerships on the supplier and customer side.


Private customers also feel comfortable with us, because we offer exclusive, high-quality lamps. We combine function and design in an attractive price/performance ratio. On the one hand, lamps are wonderful decorative elements, but they also create so much warmth and atmosphere in a room. 

Are you a wholesaler and interested in a larger quantity? Feel free to contact us, we will make you an individual offer.

Elektro Akustik Labor

The work of the HKM Electro Acoustics Laboratory essentially includes two main areas.

Testing and measurements

Measurements in the field of sound power and noise emission

Measurement of the sound power of kitchen appliances according to DIN

Measurement of the sound pressure level on the standard table

Measurements in the field of sound reinforcement technology

Impedance simulator for the real load of amplifiers and power amps

hearing test

Research and Development

Development of audio electronics and electroacoustics products

Development of products in the field of electroacoustics

Years of experience

Completed projects


EQzert, Zertifikat bis 2025

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